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28 Types of Slate Blue

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Slate blue is based on the characteristic color of the sedimentary rock known as slate. This is the iconic color of stones and rocks such that it is perceived as stable, cold, hard and durable. Historically, slate is used to describe a large number of colors including greys, greens, purples and blues. The classic color guide known as the 1912 Color Standards and Color Nomenclature lists slate blue as slightly grey and purplish. Modern slate blues are more likely to be slightly greenish. The following are common types of slate blue.
Bright Slate Blue
Neon Slate Blue
Dark Stone Blue
Stone Blue
Midnight Slate
Sea Slate Blue
Medium Slate Blue
Metallic Blue Slate
Vintage Slate Blue
Cold Slate
Antique Slate Blue
Medium Slate Blue #3
Slate Blue 1912 Standard
Seafoam Slate
Slate Blue-Green #2
Dim Slate
Grey Slate Blue
Medium Slate Blue #2
Medium Stone Blue
Glossy Slate Blue
Slate Blueberry
Soft Slate
Blue Grey
Pale Stone Blue
Flat Slate Blue
Aquatic Stone Blue
Rain Slate
Slate Blue-Green
It should be noted that the rock slate can be many different colors and isn't always blue.
The color of actual blue slate for comparison with the colors above:
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