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14 Types of Onyx Black

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Onyx black is a deep black color based on the color of the gemstone of the same name. Onyx is a variety of a mineral known as chalcedony that is often banded and multicolored. Black is the prized color for onyx, so much so that onyx is often treated to make it dark black. As a color, onyx is typically a deep glossy black that feels formal, solid and hard. The following are common types of onyx black.
Forest Onyx
Onyx Black
Onyx Shadow
Midnight Onyx
Prize Onyx
Emerald Onyx
Autumnal Onyx
Moody Onyx
Onyx Mirror
Onyx Crimson
Glossy Onyx Black
Matte Onyx Black
Onyx Ink
Onyx Grey
The following photo of onyx can be used for comparison with the colors above.
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