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32 Black Color Meanings

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Black is the color that results from a lack of light and materials that absorb light. This is a strongly symbolic color that is first and foremost associated with night -- a time that was historically feared but is celebrated by modern cultures as a time for adventure, creative expression and epic experience. The following are common meanings of the color black.
Midnight Black
As the color of the nighttime sky black is strongly associated with the night.
Mystery Black
Black is viewed as mysterious due to its association with environments with no light.
Black Tie
A formal color for formal wear and fashions.
Royal Black
Symbolizes authority, power and status.
Black Panther
Symbols of African-American Culture better known as Black Culture.
Modern Black
Black has a modern feel for interiors and furnishings.
Serious Black
Conveys a sense of importance and seriousness.
Solemn Black
Often used to convey deep meaning, respect and reverence.
Gothic Black
Associated with the gothic subculture.
Metal Black
Associated with metal and heavy metal music scenes.
Rock Black
Associated with rock and punk rock music.
The color black is commonly used to symbolize youthful rebellion.
Black Pearl
High value items and luxury.
Elegant Black
Black can be viewed as an elegant color for both men’s and women’s fashion and style.
Classic Black
Black is a timeless color that doesn’t typically go in and out of style.
Cynical Black
Darkness such as dark humor. This is an analogy to a lack of light.
Black has an feel urban, cosmopolitan and sophisticated feel.
Funeral Black
Funerals and mourning.
Coffee Black
Brownish black colors are often associated with coffee.
Industrial Black
Black has an industrial feel and is associated with industrial aesthetics.
Mythical Black
Black is associated with myths such as witches and warlocks.
Ebony is a prized hardwood that is often polished to a high black luster. Used in piano keys.
Carbon Black
Carbon and forms of carbon such as coal or carbon fiber.
Cast Iron Black
Black can be perceived as metallic as many metals and alloys are naturally black.
Smoke and fire related things such as charcoal.
Cola and other beverages such as black cherry and root beer.
Granite Black
Due to its association with materials such as carbon and metal, black is perceived as strong.
Black Diamond
Black is used to symbolize advanced skill and challenges such as a black diamond ski hill.
Plain Black
Black is a practical color that is associated with pragmatic design and minimalism.
Ink Black
Most ink is black and the color is associated with printing, books and newspapers.
Raven Black
Ravens and related symbolism such as prophecy and omens.
Iconoclast Black
Individuality, free thinking and challenging authority.
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