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11 Types of Obsidian Black

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Obsidian black is a glossy black that might be described as bright black. This is based on the characteristic color of obsidian, a volcanic glass that is formed when lava extruded from a volcano cools very quickly. Obsidian is surrounded in much culture and lore as a glass that has been used for decorative and functional purposes since the stone ages. For example, obsidian was used in prehistoric arrowheads. Obsidian black is a common color name that is used for glossy glass-like black colors that are very dark. This is difficult to recreate in a flat digital color and is more associated with glossy and polished products. The following are common types of obsidian black.
Obsidian Violet
Polished Obsidian
Deep Obsidian
Obsidian Black
Obsidian Glaze
Obsidian #2
Obsidian Jade
Dull Obsidian
Hunters Obsidian
Obsidian Indigo
The following image of obsidian can be used as for comparison with the colors above.

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