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9 Types of Candy Apple Red

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Candy apple red is an extremely vibrant middle red inspired by the color of candy apples. Candy apples are a common carnival food that feature a thick later of sugar coating over a whole apple. The color candy apple red likely originated in the 1950s amongst American custom car enthusiasts to describe a method of using a highly reflective primer with red paint on top to produce a deep red. This was later picked up by major car manufacturers in the 1960s where the color entered the popular imagination. Candy apple red remains a common color for cars, party dresses and other products that benefit from this bold color such as guitars. The following are common variations of candy apple red.
Dark Candy Apple Red
True Candy Apple Red
Candy Apple Red #2
Neon Candy Apple Red
Medium Candy Apple Red #2
Medium Candy Apple Red
Bright Candy Apple Red
Candy Apple Red #3
Candy Apple Red
A photo of actual candy apples to serve as a reference or comparison.
Candy apple red is an glossy color inspired by the translucent red of candy apples. This color benefits from reflective materials such as cloth that has a sheen to it. As such, candy apple red doesn't look as impressive as a flat color on a screen. Textures can be used in digital format to simulate the real world color.
A photo of a candy apple red car. This high gloss look can be created with a reflective primer that is mirror-like with a translucent red paint on top.
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