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13 Types of Hot Pink

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Hot pink is an extremely bright and vibrant pink color that has something of an ethereal or comic book feel to it. Visually hot pink is related to magenta and is a combination of red and blue that is shifted towards light red. The brightest pinks are all tinged with blue without being so tinged that they become purple. The following are common variations of hot pink with a few related colors.
Steel Pink
Shocking Pink
Dark Hot Pink
Retro Hot Pink
Hot Pink #3
Hot Pink #2
Neon Hot Pink
Deep Pink
Hot Magenta
True Hot Pink
Hot Pink
As you can see in the list above, the official color Hot Pink is far less bright than the others. This originates with web standards that were taken from the colors used by a UNIX system known as X11. These colors were chosen by programmers looking at crayons and comparing to colors on old video monitors.
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