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14 Types of Sapphire Blue

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Sapphire is a saturated deep blue based on the most valuable color of the gemstone of the same name. This is a medium blue that is somewhat dark and tinged with purple. The color of the gemstone is important to its value. In fact, sapphire is the mineral corundum, with some variations of this stone being relatively low value but deep blue varieties being valued as sapphires and red varies valued as rubies. The following are common variations of sapphire color.
Black Sapphire
Electric Sapphire
Sapphire #2
Dark Sapphire
True Sapphire
Deep Sapphire
September Sapphire
Sapphire Chrome
Dark Sapphire #2
Classic Sapphire
Neon Sapphire
Sapphire #3
Sapphire #4
This is an image of an actual sapphire for reference.
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