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20 Types of Powder Blue

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Powder blue is a flat light blue color that has a powdery quality to it. This is an old color dating back to the 1650s that was originally based on the color of powdered cobalt glass that was historically used as a dye. The historical color was a dark slightly purplish blue similar to ultramarine. However, this was reimagined over time and is now commonly a dullish light blue color. The following are common types of powder blue.
Light Powder Blue
Snow Powder Blue
Powder Blue Chalk
Powder Sky Blue
Glossy Powder Blue
Powder Blue
Powder Blue #4
Priscilla Powder Blue
Minty Powder Blue
Matte Powder Blue
Standard Powder Blue
Bright Powder Blue
Neon Powder Blue
Tropical Powder Blue
Classic Powder Blue
Dark Powder Blue
Cobalt Powder
Powder Blueberry
Old Powder Blue
Deep Powder Blue
The historical color of powder blue is likely similar to the cobalt power color above.


The following are the common types of powder blue against a dark background.
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