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12 Types of Peacock Green

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Peacock green is a medium green with a bright sheen based on colors found in the brilliant iridescently tail of the male peacock. Actual male peacocks have a myriad of colors in their tails but their tails are mostly green. Peacock green is a dark emerald green with a sheen quality that isn't easy to replicate as a flat digital color without a texture. The following are common types of peacock green with a few related colors.
Light Peacock Green
Peacock Green Blue
Peacock Green 1912 Standard
Peacock Green #2
Medium Peacock Green
Peacock Blue
Dark Peacock Green
Deep Peacock Green
Peacock Green
Royal Peacock Green
Stark Peacock Green
Emerald Green


The following palette shows the colors above look against a dark background.


The following photo illustrates the great variety of colors found in the plumage of a male peacock.
It should be noted that the green-blue color known as peacock blue is better known than peacock green.
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