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40 Types of Berry Color

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Berries are small fruits known for their sweet, or sour, taste and bright ethereal colors. The colors of berries such as bright purples, reds and blues are exceptionally rare in nature. Modern humans who see these colors all the time in products, colored foods, clothing and interiors are perhaps desensitized to this uniqueness. The following are common berry colors.
Black Blueberry
Dark Blackberry
Black Currant
Black Raspberry
True Mulberry
Dark Dewberry
Black Cherry
Dark Cherry Red
Crisp Cranberry
Royal Cherry
Acai Berry
Cherry Red
Oregon Grape
Red Grape
Strong Strawberry
Strawberry Jam
Flat Raspberry
Crushed Strawberry
Dark Gooseberry
Juniper Berry
Green Grape
Wild Strawberry
Unripe Strawberry
Yellow Salmonberry
Blueberry Milk
The botanical definition of berry is a fruit produced from a single ovary that typically contains seeds. Some of the berries above such as dewberries and lingonberries aren't true berries but are named as berries due to their general appearance. Grapes are true berries but often aren't perceived as such due to their unique flavor and the extensive culinary culture surrounding them such that they feel different.

Dark Berry Colors

Berries such as blackberries can appear to be very dark due to high concentrations of pigments known as flavonoids. Technically, blackberries are a deep purple and aren't black.

Classic Berry Colors

Basic berry colors such as strawberry that are amongst the best known colors.
The iconic color associated with a berry is often influenced by artificial simulations of the berry. For example, the classic color of grape above resembles grape soda or candy more than a true grape.
More colors:
Berry Colors
Black Shadow
Blue Lagoon
Bright Brown
Bright Colors
Chili Pepper Red
Clear Blue
Clear Green
Clear Red
Coral Pink
Deep Red
Desert Colors
Golden Yellow
Ice Blue
Light Blue
Light Brown
Mermaid Blue
Minimalist Colors
Mint Green
Natural Blues
Nature Colors
Navy Green
Onyx Black
Oyster Gold
Oyster White
Peacock Green
Powder Blue
Pumpkin Orange
Rain Blue
Rust Orange
Sage Green
Satin Black
Slate Green
Summer Colors
Sunset Pink
Tropical Green
Viridian Color
Walnut Brown
White Blue
Yellow Brown

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