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24 Types of Rain Blue

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Rain blue are greyish blue or bright colors that are characteristic of rain and rainy environments. These have two distinct types, bright blues that illustrate the imagined color of raindrops that are actually closer to clear and greyish blues that capture the feeling and greyish haze of rainy days. The following are common rain blue colors.
Raindrop Blue
Summer Rain
Rain Clouds Blue
Rain Blue
Pacific Rain
Atlantic Rain
Puddle Blue
Midnight Rain
Stark Rain Blue
Ash Rain
November Rain Blue
Tropical Rain Blue
Drizzle Blue
Desert Rain Blue
Navy Rain Blue
Cold Rain Blue
Neon Rain Blue
Retro Rain Blue
Spring Rain Blue
Dark Rain Blue
Pastel Rain Blue
Arctic Rain
Rain Blue Grey


Rain blues are neutral and commonly used as interior colors where they are usually a greyish blue. They are also used as fashion colors where they may be a bright blue or light bluish grey. Rain blues can feel nostalgic, calm and cold.
Rain is often used as an analogy for troubles or a gentle sadness that is almost enjoyable. As such, rain blue can feel like a somber and serious color.
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