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19 Types of Pool Blue Color

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Pool blues are light blues based on the characteristic color of pool water and tiles commonly used around swimming pools. Water is naturally blue but pool water has a characteristically vibrant and florescent shade of light blue. It is also common for pool designs to highlight this effect with bright white or blue colors. Pool blues feel summery, cool, fresh and nostalgic. They can have a 1980s feel. The following are common pool blues.
Pool Blue
Pool Cyan
Pool Green
Pool Blue #2
Pool Blue #3
Pool Blue #4
Pool Blue #5
Camp Pool Blue
Dark Pool Blue
Dull Pool Blue
True Pool Blue
Motel Pool Blue
Pool Blue Green
Retro Pool Blue
Storm Pool Blue
Bright Pool Blue
Summer Pool Blue
Electric Pool Blue
Midsummer Pool Blue
The chemicals used in pool water affect its color by removing discoloration caused by microorganisms. Some products contain a blue colorant to give pools the expected color.
The bottom of pools are often designed to improve the color of the water with bright whites and blues.
The color of pools varies greatly based on the composition and depth of water. Lighting conditions also have a large impact. It is possible for pools to be light blue to dark green.


The following are select pool blue colors against a dark background for contrast.
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