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40 Shades of White-Blue Color

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White-blues are white colors tinged with blue or very light blue colors that are washed out with white. These are a stereotypical interior color whereby seemingly white interior paints are actually tinged with blue or beige. White-blue colors can also be found in fashions such as light robin eggs blue and similar colors that tend to feel feminine and icy cool. The following are common white-blue colors.
Winter Sky Blue
Ice Blue
Blue Pearl
Ice Blue #2
Snow Blue
Winter Blue
Mint Snow
Champagne Blue
Cardboard Blue
Crystal Blue
Frosted White
Blue Tear
Milky Blue
White Blue
White Blue #3
Foam White
Cloud Blue
Winter White
Blueberry Ice
Very Light Blue
Off-White #2
Angel Blue
Sugar Blue
White Blue #4
Mist White
Egg Blue
White Blue #2
Snowball White
Creamy White Blue
White Rain
Blue Paper #2
Chalk White
Blue Diamond
White Opal
Ghost White
Blue Paper
Soap Blue
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