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16 Types of Blue Lagoon Color

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Lagoon blue is a greenish creamy blue based on the characteristic color of lagoons in either tropical or cold climate regions. A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by a narrow obstruction such as a reef, glacier or thin strip of land. It is common for these waters to have interesting colors due to their relative shallows and the mineral or organic content of their waters. Lagoon blue tends to feel tropical, neutral, calm and cool. The following are common types of lagoon blue with a few related colors.
Midnight Lagoon
Dark Lagoon
Dark Lagoon Green
Flat Lagoon
Lagoon Blue
Vintage Lagoon
Cold Lagoon
Lagoon Blue #2
Classic Lagoon Blue
Pastel Lagoon Blue
Sky Lagoon Blue
Lagoon Teal
Lagoon Green
Grey Lagoon
Milky Lagoon
Lagoon Turquoise


Lagoon colors against a dark background for contrast.
The color of Kahanamoku Lagoon in Hawaii:
The color of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland:
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