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21 Things That Are Royal Blue

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Royal blue is a deep and purplish shade of dark blue that originated with a competition to make a robe for Queen Charlotte of Great Britain and of Ireland in the 18th century. Dark purplish blues have symbolized status in Europe since antiquity due to their association with expensive pigments such as ultramarine and lapis lazuli. To this day, royal blue is considered a formal color that is used in many flags, uniforms and logos. The following are common things that are royal blue.
Black currants
Blue potatoes
Blue tomatoes
Common color for sports uniforms and logos
Common color for uniforms
Concord grapes
Damson plums
Flag of American Samoa
Flag of New Zealand
Flag of United Kingdom
Flag of the Cayman Islands
Formal wear such as suits
Merlot Grapes
State flag of Georgia
State flag of Texas
Berries such as blueberries and blackberries are a dark shade of royal blue.
Here are several shades of royal blue. These can be compared with the images below that depict several royal blue natural things and flags.
Light Royal Blue
Dark Royal Blue
Royal Blue
True Royal Blue
Black Currants
Concord Grapes
Damson Plums
Flag of American Samoa
Flag of New Zealand
Flag of Texas
Flag of the US State of Georgia
Flag of the United Kingdom known as the Union Jack
In practice many colors have been historically described as royal blue. As the color originates in UK and the Union Jack dates to 1801, this is arguably the authoritative shade of royal blue.
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