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36 Types of Clear Colors

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Clear colors are light colors that are heavily tinted with white such that they have a translucent feel. If you are using a digital technology such as HTML/CSS, you can typically set the transparency of any color to achieve this effect. These colors feel glassy, creamy, faded and distant and are commonly used as backgrounds or foregrounds. The following are well known clear colors starting with a color that simulates complete transparency.
Clear Color
Translucent Orange
Clear Pink
Clear Green #3
Clear Cyan
Light Clear Green
Clear White
Clear Alice Blue
Clear Antique White
Clear Aquamarine
Clear Grey
Clear Blanched Almond
Clear Light Cyan
Clear Bisque
Clear Yellow
Clear Green #4
Translucent Purple
Clear Ice
Clear Lavender
Clear Cadet Blue
Clear Mint
Clear Violet
Clear Gold
Clear Coral
Clear Cornflower Blue
Clear Chocolate
Clear Brown
Clear Crimson
True Clear Blue
Clear Navy
Clear Forest Green
Clear Orange
Clear Red #2
Clear Black #2
Clear Black
Clear Purple
In digital design tools, the transparency of a color is typically known as an "alpha channel."


The following palette shows how some of the colors above look against a dark background.
The following image illustrates how transparent things such as water become heavily influenced by their background such as sunlight.
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Baby Pink
Chambray Blue
Pale Blue
Rose Pink
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