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22 Types of Terracotta Color

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Terracotta is an earthy orangish brown color based on the clay ceramic material of the same name. As a material, terracotta has been used for thousands of years for roofing tiles, bricks, floors and ornamental items. These vary in color and include browns that are tinged with red, orange or pink. As a modern color, terracotta is particularly associated with orange-brown flower pots. As such, the color has an overwhemingly earthy and organic feel. The following are common types of terracotta.
Pastel Terracotta
Terracotta Orange
Copper Terracotta
Deep Terracotta
Apricot Terracotta
Flat Terracotta Red
Cherry Terracotta
Red Terracotta
Rust Terracotta
Dark Orange Terracotta
Roman Terracotta
Medium Terracotta
Ancient Terracotta
Mahogany Terracotta
Rose Terracotta
Terracotta #2
Terracotta Brown
Dark Terracotta #2
True Terracotta
Light Terracotta Brown
Terracotta Pink
Terracotta is associated with warm climates, particularly the Mediterranean and areas of the world that have been influenced by Mediterranean nations such as Spain.


The following photo captures the typical color of terracotta pots. The modern color terracotta is based on the color of these pots that are a familiar sight on a global basis.


The following palette includes selected terracotta colors.

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